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Molecular detection of Malaria

Although microscopy is still the most routinely used method for malaria diagnosis by clinical laboratories, nucleic acid tests have become increasingly popular, particularly in Reference laboratories and specialised institutes.

UK NEQAS for Parasitology offers a scheme for the molecular detection of Malaria to Clinical Laboratories who undertake microscopic and molecular methods to diagnose Malaria infections.

EQA scheme run by UKNEQAS Parasitology is comprised of 4 distributions per annum with 4 samples included in each distribution. 500 microlitre of freeze dried positive or negative blood samples are sent to participants of the scheme. Varying parasite densities for all species of malaria are included.

The EQA scheme is qualitative only with the participants expected to use molecular detection methodologies to report presence or absence of Malaria parasite and identify the species. 


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